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Premium Marine Flooring For Your Boat

Premium Marine Flooring For Your Boat

You polish the gelcoat to a mirror-like sheen. You maintain any and all wood surfaces on your boat to a similar standard. Whether it is stripping and re-coating with several coats of the latest brightwork technology or cleaning and oiling teak, you know that the appearance of your prized vessel is both a source of pride and a display of the pleasure you derive from your cherished craft. Why, then, would you not take the same approach to your choice of premium marine flooring?

From both a practical standpoint of safety and traction to an aesthetic approach to appearance and style, your choice of a marine flooring has as much effect on the overall appearance of your boat as do the aforementioned ‘glass and wood treatments. Advances in technology and materials have combined in recent years to provide flooring products that are superior in all aspects to the outdated products of the recent past. Among the improvements in the product sector are the following:

• Anti-microbial materials: The previous generation of flooring materials were highly susceptible to mold and mildew. New vinyls and treatments eliminate this problem.

• Spill-resistance: The same qualities in the new woven vinyls that eliminate mold and mildew also help make your flooring far more resistant to stains from spills. Whether it is diesel fuel or the finest Merlot, what would have been a tough clean-up before is much easier now.

• Fire-resistance: These materials are self-extinguishing once the source of flame is removed. This is a great improvement over the highly flammable materials used in the past.

• Environmentaly friendly: The new woven vinyl materials are extremely wear-resistant and long lasting. However, nothing lasts forever. When the useful service life of these materials has been reached, all of the material- both the face and the backing- is 100 percent recyclable.

There is no need to sacrifice attractive appearance in order to take advantage of the newest technology available. A variety of patterns, textures and colors are available in the top-quality woven vinyl products available. Some patterns even exhibit a teak-like appearance.

Above all, from a safety standpoint these products offer the best footing in all conditions Wet or dry, barefoot or in your boat shoes, you will have minimized your chances of any slip or fall on your new floor.

Wax the gelcoat, oil the teak, and take a look at your current marine floor. Then investigate the new products available and upgrade your onboard floor surface to the superior appearance of the rest of your vessel.

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